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Location & Infrastructure

Buena Vista LocationThe Buena Vista project is located in western Nevada, around 450km northeast of San Francisco. Access to the project area is via Interstate 80 to Lovelock (around 107km east of Reno) and then 38km from Lovelock via Interstate 80 and Coal Canyon road, which is a bitumen road for the majority of the distance.

A rail head is located at Lovelock and the Southern Pacific railway that parallels’ Interstate 80 connects to four ports in the San Francisco region.

It is proposed to construct a rail siding at Colado which is at the junction of Coal Canyon Road and Interstate 80. Concentrate will be transported from the mine site to this siding by slurry pipe, dewatered and then trained to the ports.

Grid power is available within 10 km of the site and it is proposed to utilise grid power for all of the proposed operations energy requirements.

Sufficient water has been sourced from ground water aquifers located in the North Carson Sink, 2 miles southwest of the mine site. A total of five wells will be drilled to provide all the water requirements at the mine site.

An application was made to the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (Division of Water Resources) for 1,750 acre feet per year, equivalent to 2,159,000 m3 per year, which has been granted for the life of the mine. The water will be pumped some 3.8 km from the bore field to the beneficiation plant. 

Proposed Rail Siding Site – Colado Coal Canyon Road
Proposed Rail Siding Site – Colado Coal Canyon Road